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Friday, 16 March 2012

10 random facts about me/ Kreativ Blogger Award


I was recently honoured to receive this award by one of the best bloggers around Melissa from Chindeep.  The terms in accepting this award state that I have to recommend 6 of my favourite bloggers along with 10 random facts about myself. Here I go.

These are pages I visit & enjoy almost everyday.

Rising to the Berry A wonderful account of Anneliese's baking her way through Mary Berry's Baking Bible. She's just the sweetest person on Facebook !!!!

Jo's Blue Aga We all know Jo as the winner of BBC Great British Bake Off. Such a talented kind-hearted girl who spends hours answering everyones baking questions. We are great friends & I love her.

Sam's Kitchen  Sam's a really good friend, fabulous baker & photographer, so innovative a great page. We contact each other every day.

Mias Domain. Sensational food & photography. Mia also tackles more serious issues on health & food safety etc. There's always such a wonderful read to be had.

Blog of a peri-menopausal woman when I remember. I follow Marcy's page on Facebook every day. I need both my daily giggle and her more reflective posts. Unfortunately I can't get the link to work on this page but please seek her out.

What's for dinner Allys Kitchen Finally lovely Ally, she was my first American friend on Facebook and her style of posting really shaped the way I run my page & this blogspot. Just love the way she turns recipes on their head and starts all over again. We also share the same birthday, just one year apart (don't tell anyone but she's a year older then me & I'm positively ancient)

Now this was the hardest part for me. I suppose I think I'm really quite boring and ordinary but I do have my moments !!!!!!  Okay random facts

I adore watching thunder storms especially when it goes as black as pitch in the middle of a summer's afternoon.

I'm a really good knitter even though I say so myself. The more complicated the pattern the better.

The one food I couldn't live without would be cheese.

I really hate rudeness, arrogance & bad manners.

I am always on time and can't bear tardiness from anyone.

I'm always right, & even if I'm wrong I find it hard to say so.

In my 20's I dated three Peters all at the same time. Now did that cause confusion.

Determining right from left is such a weakness. Please don't ever ask me directions.

Snakes terrify me but I like spiders.

I queued up all night twice aged 13 then 14 to get tickets to see the Beatles. I only recently confessed this to my mother who thought I was staying over at friends.

just to awkward I'm making it eleven.

I never ever go anywhere without wearing lipstick & mascara, you never know who you might bump into !!!!!!! 

Well now I've started I could write another 10 but that's it I'm afraid.

I'm off to hand out my awards toodle pip xxx


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  2. Ha ha! Well now I know (nearly) all about you :o) I'm glad you left Eleven facts, I knew you weren't one of those run-of-the-mill types! It shows you've always been a wise woman too, all three fellers named Peter made you less likely to get confused....Naughty girl x Impressed with the knitting fact, I'm a lousy knitter, I've done the back and half a sleeve of a rainbow cardigan for my baby girl, she's 21 this year so I don't think it will fit even if I ever finish it!!! x

  3. Bless you Dor that is such a lovely thing to say, I wish I could knit you are truly multi talented and of course ever so very glam, so the mascara and lippy are no surprise, sorry Eli and I was so late not my fault (or my sat nav sorry El's the blame is all yours) . At least with the Peters you never got caught out with their names LOL xx I agree about politeness my motto always treat others how you'd like to be treated. I think your wonderful and can't wait for our next girly get together xxx

  4. Hahaha!!!!! the tardiness remark wasn't aimed at you my sweetie. I'd forgive you & Els anything. Just so glad you eventually arrived. Oxford and it's pedestrianisation has a lot to answer for. Of course I was being very well entertained by Anneliese at the time so time passed quickly I didn't have trouble with the Peters face to face it's just when they phoned up, oooops !! I had to talk to them for about 5 minutes before I could suss out which one it was. Yes, I'm sitting here in my tracky bottoms & slippers but the lipstick is still intact. Well you never know who might knock on the door xxxx Dor

  5. You are such a sweetheart Dor. Thank you so much. Wish I had a Peter type story to tell but I'm afraid I'm rather boring!!! So did they find out the truth? I'm the same with mascara - helps bring out my piggy little eyes! I can knit but can't cast on or off. If I drop a stitch I can't cope, have a melt down and give up! Loved reading your eleven things. Very entertaining :-) xxx


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