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Monday, 10 August 2015

Summery Chicken Pot Roast

Don't you just love a dish that you can prepare well in advance and just leave to tick over for a few hours knowing you'll have something splendid to serve when you're ready. Well here's just the thing. Pot roast Chicken. Get all your veg ready, place in the bottom of the pot, place the chicken on top and slowly roast until you're ready.... Here's what I used but you can use whatever vegetables you have t hand that would go well with chicken.

Ingredients to serve 6

a 3 to 4lb prepared chicken
2 celery hearts cut into quarters lengthwise
2 large onions sliced thinly &

sauteed until tender but not brown.

6 medium carrots cut across into large chunks
1 whole garlic cut across but kept in one piece
24 or so small new potatoes
18 or so small tomatoes added towards the end of cooking 
1 pt of well seasoned chicken stock  preferably homemade
4oz pancetta or chopped smoked bacon.....optional
Parsley stems chopped...4 or 5
Lots of fresh Thyme ....stems removed
2/3 Bay leaves
Freshly ground black pepper & sea salt to taste.  
Parsley & fresh Thyme to decorate


Add a little olive oil to a pan and brown the chicken, turning a bit at a time.

Meanwhile, gather together all the veg & herbs and place at the base of a large ovenproof dish or cast iron dish as I did  
Mix around and pour over the stock
Place the chicken on top.
Cover and cook at 200c for around 30 mins........turn down to 150c
Sprinkle the pancetta on top, add the tomatoes, replace the lid and continue cooking for at least an hour and a half .  Just turn it down lower if you're not ready to serve but baste well in between
Remove the chicken.... cover with foil and let it rest before carving for 10 mins or so
Squeeze out the flesh from the garlic into the remaining juices
Make sure the veg is tender.....if necessary thicken the sauce with a little slaked cornflour
Carve the the veg onto the warmed plates and spoon over the sauce     


  1. Delicious Dor, another one to add to my Sunday lunches xx

  2. Wow wow wow that looks simply delicious. Chicken lends itself to so much good cuisine. Thank you for this great share! With the warm weather in the UK I will eat this with the simplest of green salads.

  3. Greetings from Florida!! I want to try this recipe but need your help. I haven't cooked in years so I'm "relearning" and so want this yummy-looking chicken to work. I know your parsley and thyme amounts are intended for fresh, but I don't want to invest in a bag of each at the grocery store and then have them go to ruin. I know fresh herbs are better, but could you tell me about how much of each if dry? I have them both in my spice rack. Thank you.

  4. Good morning, Doreen, I have an email notification saying you commented on my query but, for the life of me, I can't find it. I've checked every link on your blog looking for it and unless I missed the right one, your comments not there. My pot and the chicken and veggies are ready, and I do want to try this today, so can you help me? I'm sorry to be a bother. Thanks.

  5. Gee, that was fast! Thanks for getting right back. I don't know what's going wrong here but same thing: I got the notification but see no response. I don't want to be a bother about this so maybe I can find a conversion chart online that will give me some direction. I just hoped to make it as close to yours as I could and not do any guessing because, boy, I'm good at guessing wrong. I hate to tell you how many things I've ruined doing just that. Seems I'm in a quandary. Pray for me. Thanks.

  6. You can find this one on my Facebook page Sharon. good luck

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