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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Welsh Cakes

here's a few scrummy Welsh cakes to celebrate St David's day on March 1st.

this recipe should make around 15

They're great served while still warm either on their own or with lashings of butter, jam or honey 

If you prefer to measure your ingredients in Cups & Spoons then here's some Easy Conversion Charts

recipe:- lovely not to have to use the oven for once                       
250 gms/8oz self raising flour,
 pinch of salt,
quarter tsp ground allspice & a grating of nutmeg
 75 g/2½oz  golden caster sugar,
 125 g/4oz cold butter,
100g/3½oz currants/ sultanas or mixed dried fruit
1 large egg.
 you'll need a cast iron griddle or frying pan for this

  Sieve flour, salt & spice into bowl, rub in butter until breadcrumb stage, add the sugar and mix through, Add currants and beaten egg. Form into a ball, chill for a while. roll out to around 3/4cms, cut into around 20, 7cm rounds. Cook a medium heat on the greased griddle or heavy based frying pan for around 2 and half mins per side.
  I've just scoffed 4 of the little beauties with my tea!!!


  1. I was lucky enough to be given a cast iron welsh cake pan for cooking these in by a friend who was clearing a house - it's also great for making drop scones and scotch pancakes.

    A lovely quick and easy treat :)

    1. lucky girl Sarah... I would love a real Welsh cake pan ♥

  2. A day late but delicious none the less! The children loved them too! A quick question- I've never tried them before so I was unsure of the texture they should be. I assumed that they needed minimal 'working', as with traditional scones, so they were therefore, quite crumbly. Is this right? Many thanks. Kirsty x

    1. the dough does need light working, but make sure it's well bounded together like pastry..The texture when cooked should be like a lovely buttery pastry Kirsty

  3. So, delicious and also the beautiful photograph...

  4. Oooh I am going to try these this afternoon. I love your recipes Dor, so can't wait to try them :) xx

  5. We sprinkle icing sugar on ours! Delicious!


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