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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Welsh Soufflé Rarebits

Rarebit/Rabbit. I was told this dish was the meal that the Gamekeepers had to eat when they came back from the hunt 'rabbitless' hence 'rarebit'. All in all I think I would prefer this to rabbit stew. 

March the 1st is St David's Day the patron Saint of the Welsh nation.  I live in Cheshire an the western edge on this county borders North Wales so we're incredibly close neighbours.  Everyone who knows me will know that cheese is my favourite food. I love the stuff but have to limit myself to it these days as it's so very fattening.  They say that just a matchbox sized piece a day is perfect for your health, unfortunately if I know I have a hunk of this loveliness in my fridge then it is is extreme danger of being scoffed in one fail swoop.

Now I've made this souffléd rarebit with strong cheddar and a little grated Parmesan rather than the required Caerphilly as that it all I had at hand.  What ever cheese you choose please make sure it has lots of flavour or you'll end up with a bland, tasteless rarebit.   Also you could use a good strong ale to make the roux instead of milk as I did. Every alternative ingredient will add so many varying tastes to this perfect dish.

If you don't want to soufflé the cheese, just add whole egg, you can then leave this mix to coll & refrigerate until you want to use it. Just splatter it over toast cooked on one side and toast on a medium heat until golden & bubbly.

Here we go.

4 thick slices of wholemeal/granary bread toasted on one side

For the Rarebit

1 heaped dessertspoon butter melted in a pan
add 1 dessertspoon plain flour and cook on a gentle heat whilst stirring for 2 mins
add 6 tbps milk spoon by spoon making sure all is incorporated before adding the next spoonful
2 separated eggs
1 heaped tsp Mustard I used English but Dijon will do nicely
a good splash of Lee & Perrins Worcester Sauce
Salt & pepper and a dash of Cayenne pepper
2oz of strong  flavoured cheese, I used Cheddar & Parmesan, but a mixture of Caerphilly and Gruyére would be perfect

Let the roux you have made cool for around 5 minutes
Beat in the egg yolks, seasonings, mustard & Worcester sauce
Heat the grill to a medium heat
Toast the bread as suggested
Whip the egg white until stiff
Stir a heaped tbsp into the cheese mixture to loosen it
Fold in the rest.
Pile equally on the 4 slices of toast
Grill on a medium heat until the cheese is a lovely golden brown, and serve straight away.

Alternatively add the whole eggs to a cooled cheese sauce & mix well and refrigerate until ready to spread on  your toast & grill.  You can add an extra grating of cheese to make this even more yummy.

This will comfortably serve 2 as a good lunch or 4 as a starter.


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe, I (now) live in Wales so I will attempt to be Welsh for one day with these souffle rarebits x

  2. My husband is always asking for "toasted cheese", next time I'll serve him this delicious looking "Welsh Rarebit".

  3. Great and temping recipe, I will try this and add on our catering packages.


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