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Monday, 27 February 2017


Crumpets for Tea

So, very easy you won't want to buy another one

This recipe will make 20 crumpets

 Equipment:- you'll need 4 x 7cm metal ring moulds or pastry cutters
a griddle or heavy non stick frying pan


175g / 12oz ( 3 cups) plain (all purpose flour)
half tsp caster sugar
half tsp salt
1 tsp fast acting dried yeast
300ml / half a pint of tepid water (1¼cups)
300ml/ half a pint of tepid milk  (1¼ cups)
sunflower oil for greasing the rings
put the flour, sugar, salt & dried yeast into a large bowl and mix well together

Make a well in the centre of the bowl and pour both liquids into it.

Bring the flour in from the sides and mix until a smooth batter is formed

Cover with cling & leave in a warm place for around 45mins to 1 hour. You should see bubbles rising on the top of the batter.

Beat well for two minutes.>
put the griddle/frying pan on a moderate flame.
Grease the ring moulds and place in the pan to heat through.

Pour approximately 3/4 of an inch/2cms of the batter into each mould
Cook for around 5-7 mins, the tops should have crumpet type holes in it and it should be almost dry to the touch.
Turn them over, push the crumpet down in the ring so it makes contact with the pan. Cook on for around a minute until the crumpet starts to brown.
Transfer to a cooling rack.
Repeat for the next batch making sure you grease the moulds each time.
Toast as needed serve hot with lashings of butter, you can add jam, Marmite
 lemon curd or poached eggs.
These will freeze really well. Just take out the crumpets and toast from frozen.      
Crumpets for Tea


  1. I love these muffins I havent made them in years you just inspired me!

  2. Thanks Claudia, I hope you enjoy them ♥

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