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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Strawberry & Almond Cake with quick Strawberry Jam

Perfect afternoon tea material. A lovely light almond cake with a hint of strawberries and accompanied with a little tangy strawberry jam. Makes a real change from scones, jam & cream.

The jam is a quick doesn't keep out of the fridge for longer than a week.  It can be frozen though and served with toast or on pancakes for a lovely breakfast.

If you prefer to measure your ingredients rather than weigh them here's a link Easy Conversion Chart

Jam Recipe

Around 1kg....2lbs strawberries hulled and cut into halves or quarters depending on the size
500 gms /1lb caster sugar
the juice of a large lemon (at least 2tbsps)

Place the fruit and the sugar in a large glass bowl and leave to marinade.  This can be done overnight
Place this in a sieve to remove all the juice
Add the lemon juice to this and pour into a pan and bring to a rolling boil, boil for 5 mins
Carefully add the fruit, stir well, and continue heating until the 'jam'  approaches setting point  105c /220f . Approx 10 minutes
Test to see if it's setting by placing a spoonful on a cold saucer....if it wrinkles when you run your finger through it's done
This is not a firm setting jam and a little give to the consistency is a bonus.

Pour into a sterilised jar and seal. Alternatively wait until cool place in a tupperware box and freeze.

The Cake:-  set the oven to 160c/325f

Grease & line a 2lb  loaf tin with parchment

approx 10 medium sized still frozen solid strawberries (coat these in a little flour just before adding to the batter)
6 oz/175g butter
6 oz/175g caster sugar
6 oz/175g self raising flour
3 eggs beaten
1 tsp almond extract
approx 2 oz /60g flaked almonds
a little milk to loosen the batter

Place the butter, sugar, flour, almond extract & eggs into a large mixing bowl and combine together using a hand whisk. The batter should be of dropping consistency, add a little milk to loosen if not
Place half the batter into the prepared tin, scatter the strawberries over this then place the remaining batter on top
Sprinkle over the almonds
Bake for around 40 mins but check after 30 mins. Test with a skewer, which should come out clean  The cake should be golden and firm to the touch. 
Cool on a wire rack for around 10 minutes or so.
Leave the cake in the parchment and serve when cold.

Now get the kettle on and I'll be around shortly ♥ Dor


  1. I will be trying this one tomorrow, it looks scrummy!

  2. Great cake and a good post! I am salivating!

  3. Strawberries should always be used in such good things. They come and go so fast that one must not waste them! You more than did them justice!


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