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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Irish Fruited Soda Bread

                                               Irish Fruited Soda Bread

This recipe takes me back to my childhood.  I had the most wonderful holidays on the family farm back in Ireland.  Home cured bacon, fresh eggs & freshly churned butter for breakfast along with the wonderous smell of soda bread being baked...all cooked on the iron range fueled with's a wonderous smell that I often remember...nothing quite like it.   Unfortunately those days are gone but baking this bread brings me so much happiness.  It's wonderful to reminisce

Well..... Going on from my Basic Scone recipe from last week....this is very similar but I like to use Strong White Flour for such a great rise and beautifully light texture.

Recipe :-  for those preferring to measure rather than weigh I have a conversion chart here
Conversion Chart

3oz/75g Currants
3oz/75g Sultanas or raisins
250g / 8oz Strong White Flour (Bread Flour if you can't find it All-purpose will do)
10g /2 tsps Baking Powder
60g/2oz caster sugar  (superfine sugar)
pinch of salt
20g/1½ oz butter at room temperature
175ml/6fl oz Buttermilk


Soak the fruit for an hour or so in strong boiling hot tea to plump it up
Sift the flour, salt & baking powder into a large mixing bowl 
Rub in the butter
Add the sugar and mix through
Drain the fruit and add
Combine everything together with the buttermilk. Add a little milk if the dough is dry
Work lightly on a floured surface to form a ball of dough
Place on a greased oven tray
With a sharp knife cut a cross into the top  ( to keep the devil at bay)
Sprinkle over a little more flour and bake in a pre-heated hot oven.....200c/400f/gas 6
for around 30 minutes...maybe slightly more
Cool on a wire rack's great served while still slightly warm with lashings of butter.
Best eaten on the day it's baked but it's lovely toasted the day after


  1. I love your story behind this lovely bake Dor. Like you I also have really happy memories of holidays in Ireland. It's a beautiful country and I love to see wonderful Irish recipes like yours being shared - simple food at it's very best . Thank you Natalie x

  2. Things that remind us of our childhood always taste even better...and this looks perfect from the start! Delightful with a cup of tea, I'm sure!

    1. I love a food that takes me back in time. Thanks so much Ann ♥

  3. This looks amazing!! I love Irish soda bread!

    1. Me too Michaela, I'm about to make some wholewheat soda bread later ♥

  4. I haven't made Irish Soda Bread yet, but I'm looking forward to making this beautiful recipe!

    1. It's so easy... I hope you enjoy it ♥

  5. This would be SO delicious with breakfast!

  6. I have always wanted to say that I grew up on a farm. It sounds so idyllic. But so does this bread! Consider it baked!

  7. I have never made Irish soda bread before. This looks so yummy! Might have to try your recipe!!!


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