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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Pork Saltimbocca with sauteed potatoes

I love to make this for dinner parties as it's all in the preparation, the pork & the potatoes can be prepped up and ready for to fry and the salad can be chopped and ready to serve. So little cooking is involved and you can really enjoy your evening and fellow diners

Saltimbocca is traditionally made with veal.  I know here in the UK we have always frowned on our fellow Europeans who have love to cook with this meat. I still have a problem with eating young animals and although I regularly cook veal for my customers I just can't eat it. So this is an alternative version of the traditional Saltimbocca using pork fillet.  It really is the most delicious main course and I know your guests are going to think you've been slaving away in the kitchen all day. Just don't let on it's so easy!!!!

You will need around 1lb of pork fillet to serve 4
trim & cut into 12 equal rounds
12 cocktail sticks
3 tbsp good olive oil
12 sage leaves
12 slices of parma or serrano ham
around 1 cup of Marsala wine or medium sherry
Batten out the pork rounds with the heel of your hand, just to make a bit thinner
Season well, put the chosen ham on the top of the pork.
Fold them into the shape of my picture.
Place a sage leaf on top and skewer through as if you were stitching with the cocktail stick.

all prepped up & ready to cook

Heat the Marsala gently to remove a little of the alcohol,
get a frying pan nice & hot, add the oil, add the pork putting the sage leaf side down first. Fry for just a couple of minutes. Turn over & repeat for two minutes.

just a couple of minutes a side

Remove the cocktail sticks & place onto a warm plate.
Pour in the Marsala or sherry blast for a minute or so & that's your sauce done. Just place a little over each serving.
Serve with sauteed potatoes and a lovely crisp salad

gorgeous crispy sauteed potatoes
A pretty salad with a little vinaigrette to serve

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