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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Gluten-Free Black Plum Kuchen

I love this time of the year when nature just keeps giving... If you treat it right , nourishing it and looking after it, nature certainly pays you back.   

My little allotment is surrounded by ancient productive plum trees.. They're small and black, not small enough to be damsons and yet much sweeter than damsons could ever be.. I have no idea of the variety even though I've looked through countless books to find them... I presume that they must be some self seeding variety that has found it's perfect home...just like me... I've found my little growing oasis there too.  

I've  already made jam, chutney and have started off the Christmas Plum Gin...gorgeous with tonic water.. I just wanted a little recipe other than plum tart.  This is a little different and most definitely German in origin.. It has the advantage of being Gluten- Free... totally delicious... a little bit tart .. wonderful with a good dollop of whipped cream.

I tried this recipe...Gluten-free Plum Kuchen found on Food 52

Their recipe uses a mixture of gluten-free plain flour and ground almonds.
You can find gluten-free flour in lots of supermarkets... Asda for one  in the special diets aisle or of course a health food shop.

I couldn't better it so thanks to  for the lovely kuchen recipe,   I'm sure any stoned fruit would be absolutely scrumptious though.

Click onto this link or the one above for the recipe Food 52 ♥

                              The photograph is mine but the recipe belongs to Food 52    

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