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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Muffaletta/Pan Bagnat

                                                                              Muffaletta/Pan Bagnat

Muffaletta is an Italian loaf/ Pan Bagna is French..  you make your mind up which you prefer..the bread in the centre of the loaf is removed ( you could use this for breadcrumbs so as not to waste it)'s perfect picnic fodder....really easy to make once all the ingredients are assembled.  You can fill the loaf with whatever you like. When assembled the crust lid is placed back on.  The loaf is wrapped tightly in aluminium foil then weighted down overnight. 

Here's the ingredients I used


The Ingredients I used

1 fresh 10-12" crusty loaf
2 courgettes/zucchini cut lengthwise and griddled
1 large red & yellow pepper cut into quarters griddled
2 red onions sauteed in a little olive oil till tender
3 large tomatoes sliced
5 eggs quartered
4oz of sliced ham
2oz Italian Salami
4 cheese slices
4oz  Buffalo Mozzarella 
few Kalamata Olives
3 tbsps Pesto...(I used sun-dried tomato but use what you have in stock)
a little mayonnaise

                           Remove the crust lengthwise and start to pack the ingredients in

Nearly full

                                                              Full to bursting

Cut the lid off the bread, lengthwise
Scoop out the middle of the loaf..leaving the crusts around about 1" or so thick
Fill the loaf in layers as you want,  you may not need to use all of every ingredient just make sure the loaf is really full to busting
Replace the lid & wrap the loaf carefully & tightly in aluminium foil.
Place the loaf in the fridge, put a board or dish large enough to cover the entire loaf on top of it .
Weight it down .....I used baked bean tins
Leave overnight.

Leave it wrapped until you're ready to serve it......don't forget to take a bread board & knife if you've packed it for a picnic. 

Cut into thick slices and serve 

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